The Editors

Garrett BryantGarrett Bryant was born in the land of the year-round summer where he enjoyed climbing the ocean and swimming through trees. His passion for the weird and keen ability of selective hearing often take him to the streets of San Diego to record snippets of conversation onto the palm of his hand. Garrett is an avid writer and contributing editor for Poetry International. You can find his work in Mania Magazine, a student-run art publication at UCSD.

284025_638630577217_730401_nKatie Fagan hails from Southborough, Massachusetts, despite the fact that she now considers San Diego home. She spent her undergrad years at Providence College studying under Chard deNiord and is now finishing up her second year in the San Diego State MFA program, where she also teaches Rhetoric and Writing. She lives by the beach with her adorable pooch Brewster and six other creative souls who inspire her poetry with their music, culinary talents, art, digital design and photography.  Her craziest accomplishment was when she successfully traveled cross-country in the back of a make-shift Penske truck. She has been a submission reader for the Cider Press Review and is now a contributing editor at Poetry International.

IMG_0152Jen Marshall Lagedrost— A poet of landscape, Jen sprouted from an organic vegetable farm in rural Ohio, the folkloric middle daughter of three siblings all born with a midwife in their farmhouse. Avid runner, yogi, artist, musician, and writer, Jen explores artistic convergences between the imaginative mind and the physical body in motion. She studies the music of training, and she loves Led Zeppelin and all of the howlin’ blues. Jen is a contributing editor for Poetry International, a teacher of creative writing and literature, and an instructor of Ashtanga yoga. Her work has appeared in Pleiades, San Diego Poetry Annual, Stone Highway Review, Flyway, and Poetry International, among others. Jen says: Live vivid, and hit the ground running.

Photo Credit: Felicia Cheng PhotographyCarly Joy Miller
is a SoCal native through and through. She is a contributing editor for Poetry International & Litconic, and reads for Cider Press Review. Her work has appeared in Midwestern Gothic and Litconic. She has read with Sandra Alcosser, Camille T. Dungy, and Steve Kowit, and also hosts  the Writers’ Collective SDSU MFA series in collaboration with the San Diego Art Institute’s Ray at Night. For more bits and blurbs, one should visit her blog,

Annette Robichaud

Annette Robichaud was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. A bilingual poet and occasional fiction writer, she earned her BA in French & English from Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia. She is currently an MFA student at San Diego State University and an Editorial Assistant at Poetry International. She has been an opening reader for authors Kate Bernheimer, as well as Ben and Sandra Doller. Her publication debut can be found in Goules de brumes, a chapbook featuring poetry and art from students and local authors from St. Mary’s Bay, Nova Scotia. Her translation work can be found in the latest issue of Poetry International.



Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart likes to write upside-down with one of those space pens that can also write under water. Sometimes he writes under water. Sometimes he writes under water and upside-down. He dreams of going to space and trying out his space pen. For now, though, he lives in Southern California. He is the senior blog editor at Poetry International. His work can be seen in the Serving House Journal and The Ish.


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